Musically Colin Firth

On KCRW’s Guest DJ Project, Colin Firth talks about music that inspired him over the years. Featuring T Rex, Miles Davis, Abel Korzeniowski, Massive Attack and The White Stripes. Listen to the interview

Anne Litt: Do you listen to music to prepare for a role, is that part of your process?

Colin Firth: It can be. I have to say, another piece I was sorely tempted to pick, was “A Single Man,” Abel Korzeniowski. He made such an impact on that film. And I think I got an awful lot of acting credit for what was in fact a music cue from him.

Anne Litt: That was your co-star.

Colin Firth: The cello. There all these sort of clichés about it being the sound of the soul, the voice of the soul. All those strings that he used. He uses them in such a versatile way that sometimes I’m not quite sure what’s a cello and what’s a viola.
But they ache. And I find it almost painful to listen to, actually, because that character has been someone who’s followed me around quite a bit. It might have been the piece where George dies, and Jim comes and gives him a kiss. And I think it’s called “And Just Like That.” And it’s such a gentle and humane sound.

When I met Abel, and I met him only very briefly, he echoed what I felt. Which was that, as far as he was concerned, it was a communication between us as well. He based it on what I was doing. I’ve never felt so completely that the music of the film conforms to what I felt or thought at the time.
It was perfect harmony between those two things. And his other work I’ve checked out, since “An Angel in a Krakow,” which is absolutely beautiful. So I think he really is one of the finest composers we have. And as Tom Ford says, he’ll never be able to afford him again.

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November 2010


3 Responses to Musically Colin Firth

  1. This soundtrack is one of the single greatest compilations of composed music I have ever listened to. I listen to the soundtrack every day and every piece breaks my heart again and again. It completely made the film and influenced me to explore a genre of music I thought I would never enjoy.

  2. Саундтрек “A Single Man” – это нечто удивительное, трепетное и печальное, глубокое и пронзительное. Невероятное просто чудо. Абель, спасибо!

  3. Really like this soundtrack. It’s the most beautiful soundtrack I’ve ever listened. Thanks a lot for bringing us such good music.