Copernicus’ Star OST

Copernicus' Star OST

The soundtrack for “Copernicus’ Star” will be released by La-La Land Records on March 1, 2011 at 1pm (PST). The cd will be available exclusively through This is a limited, collector’s edition of only 1000 copies. I autographed the first 100. Check out the samples on the right!

Copernicus’ Star track list:

01. Prologue (2:30)
02. To the Stars (1:27)
03. Prophecy (1:41)
04. Lands Far Away (1:02)
05. A Thief (2:11)
06. Breaking Free (1:55)
07. Aquarius (4:30)
08. Anna and Volder (3:51)
09. Ghosts (2:04)
10. Sour Apples (1:55)
11. The Hunting Dogs (2:47)
12. The Bull’s Eye (1:31)
13. Medic (2:28)
14. Snakes (2:16)
15. Forbidden Book (2:15)
16. The Philosopher’s Stone (4:55)
17. Faustus (2:09)
18. Jubilee (2:07)
19. He Who Stopped the Sun (1:35)
20. Scholars (2:02)

Total Album Time: 46:58

February 2011


6 Responses to Copernicus’ Star OST

  1. What an amazing score. I found out about it from a film score review website that posted some samples today and I ordered it from La La Land almost instantly. I really look forward to hearing the full album.

  2. Dear Abel,
    congrats for this exciting release. I received my authographed copy today and I’m really overwhelmed by the rich color, expressive melody and stunning orchestration of your score. It easily blends baroque music with neoromantic orchestration and some slight minimalistic elements. The joyful, almost celebratory tone of the music is a feast.
    Keep on writing inspiring scores like this! I hope there will be lots of interesting, demanding and rewarding projects in the future.
    All the best, Jan

  3. Dear Mr. Korzeniowski,

    After listening to the sound clips there was nothing to do but to buy this CD. I hope that this release is the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration with Lalaland, one of the best labels out there – and that we’ll be able to enjoy more of your brillant music soon!
    All the best from germany

  4. Dear Abel,

    I’ve never heard anything about “Copernicus’ Star”, until now. When I’ve learned that La-La Land is releasing it, I thought this would be just another boring soundtrack which mostly the Remote Control composers are delivering nowadays … but than I checked out the sound samples and I was simply overwhelmed! WOW!!! This is amazing! I’m really thrilled! :-)

    Great to see that there is still a composer who is willing and able to deliver a new masterpiece!

    The Academy should have nominated this score … for sure!!!

    I hope to see lot’s of new scores penned by you.

    All the best,


  5. Rewelacja !

  6. Mr. Korzeniowski,

    I was very pleasantly treated to being able to listen to some music from your upcoming album. My friend, Mr. Kostas Christides was kind enough to link you via his facebook page and commentary. I believe that you have a long life ahead of you in creating euphonic music.

    Best regards,