While staving off a power plant disaster, Russian worker Timofey (Paddy Considine) is exposed to radiation and blamed for the accident. With days to live, he steals some plutonium and tries to sell it on Moscow’s black market in an effort to provide for his family. Along the way, he gets help from a low-level thug, with whom he forges an unlikely connection. Radha Mitchell co-stars in this gripping HBO adaptation of Ken Kalfus’s short story.

Critics about the score


little short of shit-hot. (…) the sonic nuances and scientific insight that drip from the screen are unlike any I’ve seen from Hollywood.

Coke Machine Glow

August 2006


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  1. This score is absolutely and breathtakingly gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. I am listening to the amazing tracks of PU239 score. Abel, you are brilliants. I hope more and more greate movie scores will be released from you. Thanks

  3. Abel, why don’t you sell your music on this site at least? Fans (me) want to but it (in flac format)!

  4. Honestly one of the most amazing and imersive soundtracks so far, it put me in the setting of the entire movie, somewhat of a surreal feeling.

    Very inspiring as said before, couldn’t be better!

    Your work is truly amazing

  5. I need the lyrics of the credits … the first .. please if someone can give me the name .. sorry for my bad English

  6. Abel Korzeniowski, you are brilliant. Thank you so much for allowing us fans of your work to download your tracks. You’re a credit to your industry peers. They should take notice.

    This score is an ethereal experience like no other. Coupled with Paddy Considine’s fantastic narration, it’s a beautiful synchronicity.

  7. This music is wonderful and inspiring. I heard it in Pu-239 and I just had to find out who made it. Thank you.

  8. Przepiękne fragmenty.

  9. Is it possible to purchase the songs from PU 239? I absolutely love your work.

  10. one of the most inspiring scores i’ve ever heard.
    thanks !

  11. You are amazing! Your songs are perfect, you are bless. thank you.

  12. Please add all the tracks from the score! Many are dying to get a hold of them! The music is just so good! thank you.