Battle for Terra

Battle for Terra


Mala (Evan Rachel Wood) is a precocious girl living on the beautiful planet Terra, a place where peace and tolerance are celebrated. Unbeknownst to Mala and her fellow Terrians, the last inhabitants of Earth have exhausted the resources of their planet and those of three others, and are now searching for a new home. This Earthforce has discovered that the use of a Terraformer will make Terra habitable for humans but poisonous for Terrians. When the Earthlings embark on a hostile invasion of Terra, Mala’s father, Roven (Dennis Quaid), is kidnapped. Hoping to save her father, Mala captures and hides a crashed human pilot named Jim (Luke Wilson). While Mala nurses Jim back to health, the two forge a friendship and a plan that could save both the human race and the planet of Terra. Soon, however, they realize that peace will not be secured unless they can combat both the Terraformer and dark political forces that will stop at nothing in their drive to achieve power for power’s sake.

While Terra’s message that peace is a question of free will and choice is a potent one, the exuberance of Mala and her young friends carries the film. Director Aristomenis Tsirbas paints a landscape of pastoral pleasure, and our admiration for Terra’s idyllic vistas is only heightened when they are invaded.

Critics about the score


Tsirbas is helped mightily in this endeavor by composer Abel Korzeniowski, whose orchestral score is wondrously atmospheric.

The Denver Post

The film’s climactic battle sequences, full of gleam and swish, feature some of its best animation — as do earlier, pastoral images of soaring whales and Da Vinci-style flying machines that dip and weave over Abel Korzeniowski’s gorgeous romantic-minimalist score.

The Hearst Newspapers

The music is great, in fact it’s my favorite aspect of the film. The score by Abel Korzeniowski keeps me emotionally connected to the story. It flows well and isn’t overbearing. After the film I walked out with the music in my head (and not in an annoying way).

The Scorecard Review

Despite it being made on a low cost budget, what carries this film are the characters, the musical score which was epic.

Cinema Without Borders


The musical score enhanced the experience without distracting, perfectly complimenting the action.

Science Fiction Musings


… what low-budget wonder Battle for Terra does have going for it in spades is solid storytelling, a pretty musical score and a wealth of vocal talent so good that you forget they’re popular actors.


The movie’s strengths include a high-profile vocal cast, top-notch architectural designs, colorful animated creations and an ear-pleasing orchestral score.

Entertainment Spectrum


… the music score by Abel Korzeniowski is especially effective. Using classically themed music, the composer offers elegance to the story.

The Phantom Tollbooth


The film features a really lovely score by Abel Korzeniowski.

Reeling Reviews


As spectacular as the animation is otherwise, the beauty of the work is brought out best by the film’s soundtrack. The score Abel Korzeniowski created for the film is engaging, just as creatively active as the science fiction narrative.

Real Movie News


July 2007


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  1. Hi Steve,

    Battle for Terra has been released. I don’t know if it has been released everywhere but it is out there. I love it!

  2. Hi Abel!

    I really like the soundtrack of the movie. I just watch it from time to time because of the music. It would be great to have the OST to be attainable!