Battle for Terra

Battle for Terra


Mala (Evan Rachel Wood) is a precocious girl living on the beautiful planet Terra, a place where peace and tolerance are celebrated. Unbeknownst to Mala and her fellow Terrians, the last inhabitants of Earth have exhausted the resources of their planet and those of three others, and are now searching for a new home. This Earthforce has discovered that the use of a Terraformer will make Terra habitable for humans but poisonous for Terrians. When the Earthlings embark on a hostile invasion of Terra, Mala’s father, Roven (Dennis Quaid), is kidnapped. Hoping to save her father, Mala captures and hides a crashed human pilot named Jim (Luke Wilson). While Mala nurses Jim back to health, the two forge a friendship and a plan that could save both the human race and the planet of Terra. Soon, however, they realize that peace will not be secured unless they can combat both the Terraformer and dark political forces that will stop at nothing in their drive to achieve power for power’s sake.

While Terra’s message that peace is a question of free will and choice is a potent one, the exuberance of Mala and her young friends carries the film. Director Aristomenis Tsirbas paints a landscape of pastoral pleasure, and our admiration for Terra’s idyllic vistas is only heightened when they are invaded.

Critics about the score


Tsirbas is helped mightily in this endeavor by composer Abel Korzeniowski, whose orchestral score is wondrously atmospheric.

The Denver Post

The film’s climactic battle sequences, full of gleam and swish, feature some of its best animation — as do earlier, pastoral images of soaring whales and Da Vinci-style flying machines that dip and weave over Abel Korzeniowski’s gorgeous romantic-minimalist score.

The Hearst Newspapers

The music is great, in fact it’s my favorite aspect of the film. The score by Abel Korzeniowski keeps me emotionally connected to the story. It flows well and isn’t overbearing. After the film I walked out with the music in my head (and not in an annoying way).

The Scorecard Review

Despite it being made on a low cost budget, what carries this film are the characters, the musical score which was epic.

Cinema Without Borders


The musical score enhanced the experience without distracting, perfectly complimenting the action.

Science Fiction Musings


… what low-budget wonder Battle for Terra does have going for it in spades is solid storytelling, a pretty musical score and a wealth of vocal talent so good that you forget they’re popular actors.


The movie’s strengths include a high-profile vocal cast, top-notch architectural designs, colorful animated creations and an ear-pleasing orchestral score.

Entertainment Spectrum


… the music score by Abel Korzeniowski is especially effective. Using classically themed music, the composer offers elegance to the story.

The Phantom Tollbooth


The film features a really lovely score by Abel Korzeniowski.

Reeling Reviews


As spectacular as the animation is otherwise, the beauty of the work is brought out best by the film’s soundtrack. The score Abel Korzeniowski created for the film is engaging, just as creatively active as the science fiction narrative.

Real Movie News


July 2007


50 Responses to Battle for Terra

  1. I cannot believe my luck…
    On 2012 Abel was kind enough to share the OST for BoT and I was very grateful. And then I lost it due hardware failure :(
    If possible would you be kind enough to share it again or provide the location of the OST for purchase?

  2. Who can’t believe in something “else” when this kind of music show you a bit of that “else”…divinities talk through artists…

  3. Thanks for the music

  4. no se mucho de musica,,, si reconozco que bandas sonoras como la Del Padrino, Lo bueno lo malo lo feo, Pull fiction, Lord of the rings, etc., son buenos soundtracks,,, pero esta en particular me fascino,,, la musica te invita a soñar,,, es muy bonita,,, gracias Señor Abel por regalar tan bellas melodias.

  5. Abel, your whole score was incredible here, and made the entire film delve into emotional depths that it otherwise would have only scratched at. The opening and closing theme, “Birdie,” is simply one of the best film score pieces I’ve ever heard, including any of the uber-famous composers you normally see in major epics – a truly inspiring and moving piece. Thank you, and I’ll look forward to your future scores!

  6. Waaaaah!
    Nearly 4 years and we still do not have a soundtrack yet.
    And do not want a post-morten release :)

  7. This soundtrack is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. In particular “Birdie”. That song in particular stirred up powerful emotions in me. Thank you for sharing the talent and grace that is embedded in your soul with us all.

  8. The score that you composed for the film “Battle for Terra” could be one of the greatest if not the greatest film score ever.

  9. i’ve watched the film twice, and its good

  10. can u make this film as essay,,couse i want to present this story to my,so interesting film ever

  11. Hello Abel,
    Are there any chances of releasing this fantastic soundtrack for purchasing? Please…?

  12. Please make this available for purchase. This is one of the best soundtracks ever crafted. There is something so familiar, but yet unknown with each movement.

  13. We’re now able to own the gorgeous soundtrack to COPENICUS’S STAR via La La Land Records, so I will hold out hope that this beautiful score, Battle for Terra, will also see a CD release.

    Mr. Korzeniowski, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. I love your music.

  14. Please, please, please, release this score on CD. It’s one of the best scores I’ve ever heard.

  15. No please no ITunes download only version of this score. Though I would love to see Intrada, Varese, La La, or FSM to come out with a CD. This scores needs to be heard but not just in MP3 only format.

  16. I simply fell in love with your music. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Now, please let us have this soundtrack on Itunes! Please, please!

  17. Come to Portland Oregon, you music will help us.

  18. Good very good, indeed.
    Inspirational music.

  19. I could not find this album on ITUNES and people have been waiting forever. It won’t be long before someone decides to rip it off through another means or make a torrent file out of it.

  20. I saw this film in the movie theater. I immediately was struck by your gorgeous, flowing score. I have hundreds of film scores, but this has to be one of my favorite that can only be listened to by a few clips on your website or by watching the film. I really, truly hope you can one day have an actual album release! Maybe Intrada or La-la Land Records could release it? Or at least an Itunes digital album. Love you music and keep it up! You are truly amazing.

  21. your music is so great i got to share it with the world sorry!

  22. i Really Liked The Movie But
    i really loved the score !! great !!!

  23. Where can i buy a cd of this soundtrack?? Is avaible to listen on the net but full (all tracks)?

  24. One of the most beautiful musical scores I have ever heard and I’d like to have all of the tracks. I’m just as eager as many others to purchase the entire soundtrack on CD as soon as it becomes available. Please make it soon, I’m ready now!

  25. Looked everywhere for this soundtrack! Would love to be able to download this. Email me eh?

  26. I really loved this film. I can assure everyone with distribution/copyrights for this music that releasing a soundtrack CD (or MP3 collection on Amazon, if you like) would mean a purchace from me, at the very least =^_^= (I think the other comments here prove that there’d be many more!)

    Thanks Korzeniowski, you make wonderful music.

  27. When will there be a soundtrack released for this movie? I finished watching “How to Train Your Dragon” and went straight to the IMDB to find who composed that movies soundtrack and purchased the score. I wish I could do the same for this movie but all I got was this website and the TEASER mp3 playlist on here :(. Hope you get more uploaded or put something up on ITUNES.

  28. Hi Mr. abel, just wondering is the soundtracks coming up anytime soon?
    Love your works especially that cheerful one which starts during the bird scene.

  29. Any news on A Battle for Terra Soundtrack?

  30. He visto la pelicula en ncompañia de mi hijo de 8 años, es muy bonita la historia da enseñanzas de lo que podemos llegar a ser nosotros como seres humanos, pero sobre todo lo que mas me gusto fue la música de este señor compositor. Desde el primer momento que escuche las primeras notas me encanto la composición y he buscado en la red el nombre del mismo; realmente me gusta la primera pista del intro muy bonita.

  31. I rented this moive at redbox for my two young boys and watched it with them. I was pleased that the movie was much bettern than I had expected, but the whole time I watched the film I really paid attention to the musical score. It added such a mature element to the whole production that it made the movie.

    After finishing I looked up the composer online and have spent several hours on this site listening to music samples. I am not a movie buff but love music, and love finding a new composer that has excelled in his craft. I hope to be able to purchase a music CD soon, not only for Terra, but hopefully a “Best of.”

    You insprie me.

  32. I absolutely love the song towards the beginning when mala and her friend are flying with the flying whales. so beautiful

  33. Lovely music!!! I especially like the part near the end of the movie when Mala flies with Senn and Stewart Stanton to the human colony. Please make the soundtrack available for sale as soon as possible!!! Thank you.

  34. Hi!

    I loved the movie, especially the score! I collect movie soundtracks from many different composers! I would love to add this one to my collection! I hope this soundtrack becomes available soon!

  35. Very soon on iTunes.

  36. Hi!!I love Battle for terra music!!it makes me happy.Im a music clarinet player,and i need the 2nd song in the film,that starts wiht a clarinet solo,its incredible…how can i get it??
    sorry for my bad english.

  37. I am one of the few with 5 MP3 tracks from this score. This is truly extraordinary writing! I have raised the “must have” alert at our film score collector’s community at I and many others would kill for a CD or full MP3 release.

    This score along with “A Single Man” has us all wishing that you get more assignments!

    All the best!

  38. The music is beautiful. I found the ending score very moving. Will it be featured on your site or will the soundtrack be made available? I hope soon. :)

  39. I saw this movie and it was absolutely amazing. The music is what made it really interesting. I play in a marching band as a front ensemble member. It is so much fun to play percussion at my school, and this music really inspired me. Thanks.

  40. Hi
    This soundtrack is truly gorgeous. I am impatiently waiting for full soundtrack.
    Thank you for a great job :)

  41. wspaniała muzyka (great music) :)

  42. i loved the first track of the movie…(also played during the last scene). its one of those tracks that really stands out. kind of like the theme music for jurassic park or even indiana jones.

    i really wanted to download that track from amazon or itunes, but its not listed. then i thought of checking out the composer and you actually have a website. however, it wasn’t listed! :~/

  43. That gives me butterflies! You deserve to have them on itunes, thanks for the update!

  44. it looks like the soundtrack is going to be released on iTunes very soon. Stay tuned :)

  45. This movie a great but the music made the film, giving it that true feel. My favorite was the ending score, what’s the name of it? Will there ever be a soundtrack of some sort or a way for us to get it in mp3 form? I really hope so. Keep up your phenomenal work.

  46. I watched battle for the terra for the first time the other day….. the soundtrack is simply inspiring!

  47. Coming a little late for the party but I just saw that movie and I really enjoyed it and in particular the score. It was very evocative and beautiful. It would be wonderful if it was made available in some way.
    Keep writing music we can all look forward to.

  48. Saw this film myself was truly amazed, realy good movie. Must point out that the music was lovely.

  49. Just saw the film in 3D, your score completed it. What a wonderful experiance and will take friends with me to go see it again. Truely wonderful, grabed at my emo strings for sure. Looking forward to your next film.

  50. Hi Abel!

    I was an animator on this film, and just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your contribution. The music you created is just perfect, and absolutely beautiful.