Tickling Leo

Tickling Leo


On March 3, 1957, Rudolph Kasztner, a Hungarian Zionist, was assassinated on the streets of Tel Aviv for the choices he made while negotiating the rescue of 1,685 people on the notorious “Kasztner Train”. Fifty years later in the Catskills, one of those survivors and his fractured family are forced to unravel the mystery behind their own choices in relation to this historical event.

June 2008


8 Responses to Tickling Leo

  1. Hello, tanks for this masterpiece……soundtrack very sublime…..a single man..as well…..
    Terry, Italy…

  2. A flimsy dream that pull together with power of piano. Thank you Manuela

  3. Please, please release this soundtrack on CD!!! Someone, anyone give Abel a record deal!!!!

  4. Hello Abel,

    Will this nice score be released ?



  5. Muzyka pana jest cudowna, po prostu!

    Szkoda, że nie ma pan również polskiego odpowiednika tej strony, dlaczego?

  6. Witam!
    muzyka jest rewelacyjna, po prostu nie da się opisać!! tylko ciężko ją zdobyć:(

  7. Hello Abel,

    Thanks for your great music !

    Where can we buy the OST of this movie ?

    Greetings from Belgium,

  8. Wonderful, beautiful, great music, maravillos, bonita, gran música, i loved it.