The Dream Maker

Marking the company’s 175th anniversary, Tiffany & Co. releases a short film titled “The Dream Maker”, telling the story of its founder Charles Lewis Tiffany and his quest for acquiring the finest diamonds and gemstones to fulfill his vision of beauty and perfection.

The film combines the talents of Oscar-nominated cinematographer Darius Khondji and composer Abel Korzeniowski, twice nominated for a Golden Globe. The two capture the company’s founding city of New York in breathtaking imagery and music; and they give viewers an equally dramatic look inside the Tiffany Workshop, where the world’s most spectacular jewels are created.


Sounds and Stones


In many ways, my music resembles classical jewelry—it’s all about a clean, elegant and perfectly proportional design, seeking the ultimate harmony between all elements of the composition, and paying unbelievable attention to detail. I obsess about the smallest elements, about how they interact with each other creating a bigger emotional story. I could see the same in the beautiful pieces made by Tiffany.

— Abel Korzeniowski


Stars and Moons necklace

November 2012