Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful

Some of literature’s most terrifying characters, including Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and iconic figures from the novel Dracula are lurking in the darkest corners of Victorian London. PENNY DREADFUL is a frightening psychological thriller that weaves together these classic horror origin stories into a new adult drama.


Critics about the score


universally great (…) hats off

delightfully haunting score (…) Nothing short of pitch perfect.

Reel Drama Queen

pulse-poundingly intense, but hauntingly tender

Pop Eye

dripping in atmosphere and personality, with lush strings and dissonant noises that manage to chill

The Young Folks

Special acknowledgement should also go to Abel Korzeniowski, who provides an exceptionally fitting and wondrous score for the series.



Showbuzz Daily

Owen McPolin’s cinematography, Abel Korzeniowski’ score, and everything else from the set direction to the casting, are top shelf here.


And my goodness how the music soars on this show, whether seductive or melancholy, it truly enriches the experience.

Spoiler TV

The music is gorgeous by the way, not relying on spidery harpsichords but beautiful swells of orchestration that build emotion and feed into the dialogue.

Spoiler TV

With a good soundtrack by noted composer Abel Korzeniowski (…) and gorgeous cinematography, PENNY DREADFUL is another example of how a lot of TV nowadays is slicker than a lot of films.

Horror Movie News

Great sets and dialogue, plus the haunting musical score.

TV After Dark

The music is chilling and brings out every emotion between characters both simple and complex.

Rose Rundown

May 2014


21 Responses to Penny Dreadful

  1. A soundtrack!!! I am begging you, please put out a soundtrack!

  2. Please release the soundtrack soon, it’s brilliant!!

  3. Just wanted to tell you how much I love the Penny Dreadful theme. I close my eyes in sheer bliss every time those violins hit.

  4. Love this soundtrack. Hope it is released soon! I could use some haunting music in my library.

  5. I´ve just finished first season and WOW, what a moving soundtrack… when is it going to be released?

  6. The soundtrack is so beautiful an moving. Adds to the scenes so perfectly. I hope a soundtrack will be released soon!

  7. Absolutely stunning soundtrack….. So beautiful and poignant, I have been moved to tears…. Penny Dreadful is a spectacular blend of visuals and soundtrack…. You feel these characters…. It is a very affecting experience….. Magical and Oscar worthy, despite being a small screen series.

  8. Wonderful soundtrack. I have quite enjoyed it and would love to purchase it! :)

  9. Hello any one knows what is the music playing background when mr grey and ives looking portraits?

  10. PLEASE release this soundtrack! It is breathtakingly beautiful.

  11. Brilliant score. From opening credits to melancholy and subtle foreshadowing, this is exquisite and powerful composition. Combined with its outstanding set design, solid casting, and Logan’s screenplay, this show is lush and gripping. Bravo. Bravo.

  12. I love it when Proteus gets to go outside for the first time and the music score in the background is simply fantastic

  13. This is what television was meant to become. I am breathless. Inspired. I inhale the imagery and exhale the enchanting sounds. More, more…


  15. The Penny Dreadful soundtrack is so beautiful. I can’t wait for it to be released

  16. Great soundtrack! Well done, sir.

  17. Melancholy…

  18. With the good and evil comes the bitter and the sweet. The beautiful and sad musical score is an imaginative journey through the light and the dark. Abel Korzeniowski has done a marvelous job in pairing these opposites wonderously throughout the storyline of “Penny Dreadful”. The knowledge that something wicked this way comes is only buffeted by the elegance and subtle introductions that his score provides in leaps and bounds! Truly marvelous and I hope to have a copy of this work soon!

  19. When will the score be released?

  20. The soundtrack to Penny Dreadful is wonderful and fitting to the show. I am also looking forward to the release of the show’s soundtrack.

  21. Penny Dreadful’s soundtrack is distinctive, unique and timeless. Congratulations for such unforgettable sound-scape. Looking forward for the release of the show’s album.