Penny Dreadful Ends

With the finale of Season 3, the series has come to a close, and it’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Penny Dreadful. Although I’m disappointed to not see these characters explored further, I am extremely honored and grateful to have been a part of this series. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Showtime and the entire PD team. Thank you to John Logan, David Nevins, and the entire cast and crew for creating such a rich world of colorful, fascinating, and¬†unique¬†characters, and for giving me the opportunity to compose music that supports and lifts these characters up.

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July 2016


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  1. I have a favor to ask: would you publish (if you haven’t already) the score for DemiMonde? I ask, because I have found, in my 57 years of life, that some music I hear in its pieces (like tracks) as well as ensemble. DemiMonde is a beautiful piece, but there are so many beautiful parts, that often, while listening to one beautiful part, some other beauty comes crashing in and I lose the part I’m listening to. It feels like the equivalent of the old video game, “Leap Frog”, where the frog has to cross the road by fitting in to a lane , then moving to the next lane before getting smashed by oncoming vehicles in the current lane; it can be very frustrating, and I feel like I’m not connecting with the full piece. I have looked at what is available online, but everything I have been able to find has been insufficient (as in, “what?!, no brass or percussion?!”) I do not know what the rules are that have resulted in your oeveure becoming lost in last year’s show termination, or why I cannot find your music, but if there is any way to make it available so it can be watched while heard, (for those of us with that kind of brain), and live on visibly, as well as aurally, it would be really lovely, and would make this old lady really happy. Thanks for your time and consideration. Shannon.

    P.S. If it is available and I just haven’t found out where to get it, please take the compliments above and ignore the rest (and point me in the right direction). Thanks again. -SMS